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Attorney Sizer is an accomplished legal scholar who has twenty-five years of professional experience. Her specialty areas are education law, estate planning law, public contract and procurement law, and Stafford Act interpretation and implementation after declared state and federal disasters.

Attorney Sizer is active in many professional and community organizations. She is a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association, the Baton Rouge Bar Association, and the Louis A. Martinet Legal Society of Greater Baton Rouge, to name a few.

Attorney Sizer received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from Southern University (Cum Laude) and a Juris Doctorate from the Southern University Law Center. Additionally, Attorney Sizer is certified to practice law in Louisiana, at Louisiana’s Federal District Courts, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.

If you would like Attorney Sizer to put her vast experience to work for you, please call (225) 775-9240 or email her at You can also send questions or comments by emailing

Education Policy and Law

• School Board General Counsel

• Advising Superintendents and Administrators

• Lobbying

• Policy Development and Implementation

• Community Engagement/Coalition Building

Business Law

• Purchase and Sell Agreements

• Promissory Note Drafting

• Contract Development and Negotiation

• Articles of Incorporation Preparation

• Bill of Sales

Estate Planning

• Drafting Testaments (Wills) and Donations

• Probating Testaments (Wills)

• Successions

• Drafting Trust Instruments

Disaster Recovery Law

• Stafford Act Interpretation

• Privacy Act Implementation

• Individual Assistance Advising

• Public Assistance Advising